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Pedalboard updates using The GigRig Quartermaster 6

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I confess, I’ve been caught hook, line and sinker at the concept of using an increasing amount of effects pedals in your signal chain, will ultimately negatively impact your tone.

Effects Pedal Survival Guide by The GigRig

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Daniel Steinhardt is a bit of a legend. At Guitar Jar, we’re huge admirers of his work; not only of his excellent products, but also for his all round knowledge  Full Article »

Guitar Jar Podcast #1

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Guitar Jar Podcast #1 reviews aspects of the Guitar Jar articles featured in the first 6 months of the web site.

Daniel Steinhardt (The GigRig) Interview

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In a recent interview on Guitar Jar, guitarist Stuart Garrard (One Sonic Society, Delirious?) mentioned the use of the GigRig Pro 14 switching unit. Guitar Jar uncovers the man behind  Full Article »

Stu G Interview

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The latest “15 questions” feature is with British guitarist Stuart Garrard (aka Stu G). For those of you who may not have heard of Stu G, he has been the  Full Article »

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