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Win Tickets to the Birmingham Guitar Show 2011

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Win Tickets to the Birmingham Guitar Show 2011

Guitar Jar is pleased to announce the opportunity for two individuals to each win two tickets to the Birmingham Guitar Show, taking place at the New Bingley Hall during the 26-27th February 2011.

About the show

Birmingham Guitar Show 2011Running off the back of last years successful Bristol Guitar Show, the organisers have arranged for what seems to be an even more impressive line-up of exhibitors; Korg, Yamaha, Line 6 and the Bass Centre are among the latest additions to the exhibitor list along with household names such as Marshall, Laney, Paul Reed Smith, Ibanez, Gibson, Orange, Peavey, BC Rich, Rotosound and Tokai all set to display their latest guitar products to the guitar-hungry public.

In addition, confirmed for the event are a series of seminars and guest appearances, with highlights including acoustic ace Dave Goodman (Yamaha), Gavin Coulson (JHS), Robbie Gladwell’s Tone Clinic and Playmusic’s High Noon ‘Battle Of The Gunslingers’ competition.

Show manager Jason Hunt said, “We’re obviously delighted to have secured four big new brands for the Birmingham show. It means that the majority of the world’s best loved guitar and amp gear will be at the show – and we hear whispers that the event will see some brand new offerings unveiled in the UK, all of which adds to the excitement of the weekend.”

Duff McKagan

Legendary Guns n’s’Roses/Velvet Revolver bass player Duff McKagan is to attend the event. Appearing in conjunction with Rotosound strings, McKagan will be conducting several signing sessions during the Birmingham Guitar Show, allowing visitors the chance to get up close and personal with one of the most popular rock icons of his generation.

If the weekend is as good or even better than the Bristol Guitar Show, the guitar playing community is in for a fantastic weekend.

How can I win this competition?

This competition provides the opportunity for two people to each win two free tickets to the Birmingham Guitar Show 2011.

To enter this competition, please tell us why you would love to win tickets to the Birmingham Guitar Show, but your entry MUST INCLUDE the following “Birmingham” themed words:

  • Ozzy!!!
  • Aston Villa
  • Cadbury’s
  • Jasper Carrott

Simply enter your comment at the bottom of the page – please feel free to be adventurous, humorous & imaginative with your comments (but keep it clean please!).

The closing date for the competition is February 13th 2011 where all the comments will be judged by friends of Guitar Jar and the two winning entries will be notified by email.

Please note: your email address will be kept private and all comments will be moderated prior to being made visible as we want to keep the comments clean and appropriate for the site.

For additional details about the event, please visit: www.ukguitarshows.co.uk.

Good luck and spread the word!

This competition has now closed – thanks to everyone who entered. The winner will be notified via email.

The winning entries were by “Bobby” & “Dom Glynn”.

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  • Before turning into an international music legend, OZZY once had a startling career playing for ASTON VILLA’s youth football team. JASPER CARROTT was green with envy, and decided to bury OZZY in a bath of CADBURY’s Fudge.

    Needless to say, OZZY soon developed an addiction to the most addictive drug of all; chocolate.

  • I would love to win tickets to the show so I could take my mate Jon who is a keen guitar player. I know nothing technical but I do know he sounds great when he plays but a few tips from the experts may be beneficial! Jon, unfortunately, is a Villa fan but I have taken him ‘down the Blues’ where we walked the same path as THE most famous Blue Nose Jasper Carrott! My very kind Mom, who used to work in the Easter Egg department at Cadbury’s, sent us with a flake and a twirl each! She did embarrass me though when she started to sing that well knowm Ozzy hit ‘Bark at the Moon’ but being a good mate Jon didn’t say a word!!!

  • I’d love to win these tickets, not simply as a local musician who encourages ridiculously huge guitar events but also as a man who enjoys the rich musical heritage of Birmingham.

    Not a sunny afternoon passes in our household without the family hopping in the car to tour local landmarks. The day would begin like this….

    First of all we’d pack a headache inducing picnic consisting of HP sauce sandwiches, Cadbury’s chocolate buttons and Mild Ale to wash it down with before embarking on a road trip stretching from Acocks Green, Castle Vale (home of the spitfire), Lozels and Small Heath (Home of Ozzy!!!). We skim past Aston Villa, Moseley (home of Ocean Colour Scene) and often wave at the herd of UB40 covers bands in Digbeth.

    Arriving home after a long jaunt, we gather together in the lounge, share our favourite moments of the day and settle with a Jasper Carrott DVD. Usually we enjoy it so much it goes on again with directors commentary.

  • I’d love to win tickets for my bloke and his mate. They think they’re gonna rock more than Ozzy!!! I tend to stay out of the way when they practise, it sounds like the fans at an Aston Villa match when they’re losing 10-0 . I hide away instead and I watch re-runs of Jasper Carrot shows and eat Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. I need the tickets so my bloke and his mate can visit the show and learn some tricks and tips to help them on their quest for OZZY!!! like domination.

  • Such a shame that the legacy of Cadbury’s is coming to an end in Brum – I’ll bet Ozzy would have a few choice expletives to say about that. Still, it’s not all bad-we’ve got Jasper Carrot to make us laugh and Aston Villa’s £24 million Darren Bent might just get Birmingham back on the map – along with the Birmingham guitar show of course!

  • Love it!!

    OK, BGS on the road to the show….

    Brum, brum, brum, here we come, we’ll pick up Aston “family man” at his Villa, on the run,

    To see gadgets aplenty, and kit fit for playing, that goes so loud you don’t hear what your saying,

    we’ll play so long ,we might forget to eat, but theres a cadbury’s bunny as a treat, and if you hear us shout oi oi oi! we’ve met with ozzy!!! and the boys

    to copy and master, like a parrot, on an orange amp with jasper carrot…




    ps this took me weeks – any bonus points for effort? !!!

  • Ozzy!!! Jasper Carrott stole my Cadbury’s Dairy Milk choccy bar on his way to see Aston Villa play footie …

  • I’d love tickets because it would allow me to see all the new gear on offer and hopefully find inspiration to write a tune as awesome as Jasper Carrot’s Funky Moped or maybe even write a metal re-interpretation of that exact track but in the style of Sabbath and Ozzy!!!
    Hopefully they will unveil a new special edition Aston Villa strip Gibson SG so that I can hang it in the office and keep all those blues fans away!
    With all the kit on offer maybe I can improve my playing enough to start a band and attract that Drum Playing Gorrila from the Cadbury’s advert.

    So for the sake of the future of Metal please give me tickets!

  • I didnt think i wanted these tickets until i had a dream last night basically Ozzy Osbourne came into my bedroom firering off about me stealing his Cadburys caramel, I knew i was dreaming because he was wearing an Aston villa Shirt that had been signed by Jasper Carrott but anyway he kept saying you must go you must go to the Burmingham Guitar show.

    So basically i now need to go, because Ozzy like Jesus came to me in a dream.

  • Years ago Ozzy!!! had a Huge argument with jasper carot in the middle of a aston villa football match this resulted in him biting his head clean off a few minutes later Ozzy!!! felt bad about this so he reattached his head and they shared a cadburys milky way there best of freinds now Ahhh i would like these tickets because im a massive guitar fan and am origional from Birmingham

  • When Ozzy was in Aston Villa,
    He thought Jasper Carrott a killer,
    So Cadbury’s he jammed,
    Down the throat of the man,
    Death by chocolate, oh my ! what a thriller

  • ozzy can sing ? astonvilla is cool,cadburys is tasty,jasper carrott is witty,but i like guitar & things so birmingham sounds great to a .old strat player

  • I’d love to get tickets to the guitar show because Guitar playing and collecting and playing is what I do! I loved guitars every since I heard the great Randy Rhoads playing with OZZY!!!!
    I’ve seen birminghams attractions, the walk of fame with Jasper Carrot and Tony Iommi and Ozzy each having a star, I’ve been to Cadbury’s in Bournville, I live right by it I’ve even seen Aston Villa vs Portsmouth at Villa Park but none of these attractions match a guitar show in Birmingham! Im a proud brummy and a proud guiatrists so I would love the tickets.

  • Well this is why I’d love to go
    To the Birmingham 2011 Guitar show
    To win free tickets would be such a thriller
    Even better than a winning goal by Aston Villa!
    So many guitars, would I love it? Not half!
    I’d be happier than watching Jasper Carrott and having a laugh
    The day.as a whole, would be truly sweet
    Like a Creme Egg or some other Cadbury’s treat!
    And if I could hold a guitar like Ozzy’s guitarist played
    I tell you my day would be thoroughly made!

  • Unfortunately, I lack Jasper Carrott’s wit, so I’m going to have to go with honesty rather than humour. I would love to win these tickets to the Birmingham Guitar Show because rock musicians – guitarists in particular – are my icons, and the music created by playing the guitar is something that can change my mood, lift my spirits and easily make my day. I’ve recently gotten into the music of Black Label Society and Zakk Wylde, Ozzy’s former guitarist, is one of the most talented musicians of his generation, much like the Guitar Show’s special guest this year, Duff McKagan (who, incidentally, will probably be thrilled to be visiting the true birthplace of Cadbury’s). I am obsessed with music in the same way as an Aston Villa fan is obsessed with football. Music is my life, and going to the Birmingham Guitar Show would be a fantastic day out for a guitar enthusiast such as myself.

  • I’d like to win these tickets to surprise my husband who plays guitar and writes songs in his spare time. Maybe he’ll like the surprise so much that he’ll buy me a bar of Cadburys choccy to say thank you 😉

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