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Ernie Ball Competition

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Ernie Ball Competition

Win over £125 worth of guitar accessories courtesy of Ernie Ball! This is an amazing competition that could keep you stocked up with strings for over a year!

Ernie Ball Competition on Guitar JarErnie Ball have given Guitar Jar readers the amazing opportunity to win over £125 worth of guitar strings and accessories. The prize includes:

  • 12 packs of Ernie Ball Regular Slinky electric guitar strings (10-46)
  • 12 packs of Ernie Ball Earthwood 80/20 light acoustic strings (11-52)
  • Ernie Ball guitar polish and cloth
  • Ernie Ball guitar strap
  • Ernie Ball stickers and posters!

How can I win this competition?

Simply enter your comment at the bottom of the page telling us why you would love to win this fantastic prize. Please feel free to be adventurous, humorous & imaginative with your comments (but keep it clean please).

The closing date for the competition is August 1st 2010 where all the comments will be judged by friends of Guitar Jar and the winner will be notified by email.

Please note: your email address will be kept private and all comments will be moderated prior to being made visible as we want to keep the comments clean and appropriate for the site.

Be sure to check out the other items on the Ernie Ball website.

Good luck and spread the word!

This competition has now closed – thanks to everyone who entered. The winner will be notified via email shortly.

The winning entry was by “Jonathan” – view the winning entry!

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  • So look guys, I’m moving to New Zealand in August.

    It’s costing me more to ship the dog than the rest of the house, and to be honest I’m not sure that they have guitar strings in the outback of NZ.

    And anyway I can’t afford them even if they did now the pooch is coming too.

    So take pity on me. Send me the stuff. I have ten hungry guitars to feed and you wouldn’t want to be responsible for a malnourished guitar would you?

  • hi so basically i am at college studying furniture craft (wood work) and i plan on starting my own boutique guitar company when i finish. some thing like this would be a great help and i’m sure it would help me when i am slaying dragons (that’s just how i roll) so yea if i was to win it would benefit everyone as there would be less dragons.

  • I need a new set of strings cause I snapped one and the others are soooo dirty.

    (Sorry moderator, I tried to keep my comment clean.)

  • Well, I’m thinking of opening up a cheese shop, and this would mean that I could have a different cheese cutting wire for all the different types of cheese. It would make tasting that little bit of Gorgonzola so much more special, as you wouldn’t have the taste of a ripe Brie to content with! So don’t think of me when giving this prize out – think of all the people who have had a little bit of Roquefort mixed in with their Shropshire Blue.

    I could I suppose also put them on my guitar instead of the cheese wire I’m currently using???

    Now there’s a thought…

  • Im a hard workin guitar slinglin dude that deserves the free stuff….what more can I say ernie ball rulez!!!!

  • Being a sophomore in college requires a ton of money, especially when you’re going out of state and your tuition is 40K a year no less. My father cannot work and my mother works at a job she hates for too little money to help give me a little more cash to pay off my increasing college loans. I currently work a 40+ hour job (PART TIME???) for just above minimum wage with no set days off because it was the best i could do in this awesome job market we have now.

    I haven’t changed my strings in about 5 months and am hesitant to buy anything that doesn’t help me through my university work. The last thing i spent money on guitar wise was one single string. I love the guitar and play whenever i can, if i’m not exhausted from work. I’ve had to sell 3 of my old guitars to help pay for school and am down to my last one, Ernie Ball is my accessory brand of choice and winning this would be amazing.

  • I would love to win this fantastic prize because my guitarist always breaks his strings. Always! Usually just before an important gig too. And as a guitarist he never brings spares, too busy talking to girls or showing off with the remaining strings… So with this cool Ernie ball prize I could be his “secret” roadie by changing his strings before gigs so that our singer doesn’t go postal in case of breakage. I’m sure he could do with a spare strap too as we are running out of duck tape right now… See, I’m for the peace in this world, no band fight and no murder!
    I’ll keep the acoustic strings though, I have to practice at home on my acoustic guitar to fine tune our songs for our next recording. But, don’t worry I’ll keep the stickers for the drummer, that should keep him happy for a while!

  • I deserve the guitar stuff because of the incredible run of bad luc…. can’t be bothered, I LOVE FREE STUFF!!! Wonder if the honesty card works?

  • Ernie Ball products are the koo- koo kookiest, ju -ju jukiest, it’s no wonder why cool cats around the world pick, pluck, strum and twang ’em. Slinky’s won’t rust, crust or bust like the rest buy Ernie Ball they’re the best! All of my guitars have “Balls”

  • My ‘balls’ once floated away while fully strung on a green vintage semi. This occured when my friends inflatable dinghy sank, fortunately this occurred in poole harbour and as I recall the strings were Ernies’

    Following salt water damage, the strings remained relatively bright over the next month or so, the string coating proved so effective that the grover heads rusted before the first string snapped.

    This type of thorough product test surely warrants a reward =]

  • Every since I was a young boy
    I’ve played those Ernie Balls
    From Slinkys down to Earthwood
    I must’ve played them all
    I ain’t heard nothing like ’em
    In any amusement hall
    A deaf dumb and blind kid
    Could tell they’re Ernie Balls

    They’re strung with precision
    At the head of the machine
    Feeling all the fret work
    Always playing clean
    They’re played by inspiration
    Hear the shredding call
    A deaf dumb and blind kid
    Could tell they’re Ernie Balls

    Ernie Ball’s are wizard
    Certainly no twist
    Ernie Ball’s are wizard
    They really are the biz

    How do you think they do it?
    I don’t know
    What makes them so good?

    On my favourite guitar
    I really play my best
    These strings just keep on singing
    My amp just does the rest
    I’m never changing string brand
    I will resist that call
    A deaf dumb and blind kid
    Could tell they’re Ernie Balls

  • Well I’ve been playing guitar for around 2 years now and every time I buy new strings they’re off of eBay!!! There is no guitar shops anywhere here I am in dire need……… plus I only ever buy ernie ball (ass kissing)

  • You want to know why I would want to win this prize? Because it is an AWESOME! prize! Can you imagine all this Ernie Ball gear, gear by the greatest guitar accessories company in the world! I could go out on stage every night and rock the hell out of my guitar knowing that you will have a spare set of strings for the next gig the following night. I could even afford to get your guitar just a little bit dirty because you know that you will have the super, fantastic Ernie Ball guitar polish, it even comes with it’s own cloth, how cool is that, eh? And while I am blowing peoples mind on stage with the magnificent powers of rock and roll and I accidently rock just a little bit too hard and my guitar strap snaps… I need not fear, because Ernie Ball would be there to save the day with there super cool guitar strap included with this prize, so that I could continue to rock all night without having to worry about rocking too hard and having my guitar strap break again. And when it’s all said and done, the show is finished, the fans have gone home, the booze has been drunk and I go home and lay in bed at night I can look over at my wall at the awesome Ernie Ball poster to remind me that I wouldn’t have made it through the night if it wasn’t for Ernie Ball. Then I can close my eyes and go to sleep, ready to start all over again tomorrow!

  • Having narrowly missed out in a recent “win a year’s supply of underwear” competition, I’d be overjoyed to win 12 Slinky G-strings.

  • I’d love to win this. Ernie is my favourite name in the whole wide world and i love balls…..

    No seriously I could really put this stuff to good use.



  • I don’t actually want these =)

  • i love ernie ball strings because they make my guitar sing and with great tone too

  • Afternoon,

    I would love to win the free guitar strings, simply because I NEVER win anything. That’s not an exaggeration, either.

    School competitions – eg sports day – I lost. Granted, it was because I was a heffa, but still, a loss is a loss.

    I bought a lottery ticket every week for a year; didn’t win a penny. (I refuse to buy any more!)

    Oh, also, I love my guitars and would love to treat them better. I have a Fender Strat and a Takamine, both of which I love – but very rarely clean. So the cleaning stuff would be aces too.

    One final thing. And another reason why I’d love to win. I had a long training session this morning about email newsletter training, which was intense. Winning this would make my year! 😉

  • i want to win the strings and stuff,
    Heres why, just off the cuff,
    As my current gear is going to rust,
    and my empty wallets gathering dust,

    I suppose if i were to get all this junk,
    sent to me free from enrie ball,
    I`d have to use it to lay down the funk,
    And sing the praises of this darn fine company.

    You may think this rhymings gone to pot,
    Well you would be right.

    Could i have some freebies please Mr Ball?

  • My Dad says I need to do SOMETHING to be in tune… so here’s the perfect solution!

  • I’m entering on behalf of my dad. He’s a self-employed solo musician who plays pubs, clubs and everything inbetween just to earn a crust.

    He’s an amazingly talented man, and I’m both jealous and incredibly proud of him. I only wish I was half as good a guitarist as he is.

    The recession has hit everybody hard, but none more so than hardworking musicians like my dad.

    I would love to be able to tell him I’ve won him this amazing prize. You know what men are like, it’s impossible to say how you feel in words. If I won this, I could say it with strings!

  • There’s not enough girl guitarists. Fact. I’d like to say I’m one of those few, but I’m not. I try, but it’s difficult. Difficult because every time I play, I seem to snap a string (I’m told it’s an ‘E’).

    So, winning this prize would mean I could snap away at my own discretion without being told off by my fiancee!

    We usually get cheap, generic strings which sound tinny and horrible. Ernie Ball strings (I’m told) are amazing. Let me be the judge of that, please?

  • Ernie ball strings, we dream about things like that up north, we still use cat gut
    so save a cat, and introduce us to this new witchcraft

  • I want to win this so much that i dance through the streets if i won!!!, u see i never win anything and I have only just started learning to play the guitar and am loving every second that i play but there is one thing missing. Thats right good gear!!! and it dosen’t get any better than big ernie. Unlike the guys above i need all the help i can get so please,please,please let me win and i would love u guys forever!!! and will send u a tape of me playing!!!! lol

  • Hey ! I would like to win because it would be a big help to me . I am gathering money for gear upgrade every 6 months ( computer upgrades and new softwares and programs for home recording , new pickups , guitar check-up erm… i mean guitar service ) also money for a new guitar and OF COURSE money for live shows and it’s not easy when to pay for guitar studies in a private conservatory when you live in Greece ( private because in my town there are no other conservatories that teach electric or acoustic guitar , only piano , saxo , violin and old school instruments ) .

    Good luck fellow musicians .
    Music is forever , forever is still !

  • I like it.

  • These are the only strings I like. I have been using them for years. I had 11 surgery’s on my hands and had to retire from my job at the Airlines. So this would be a huge blessing to me. The recession has hit us all pretty bad. Regardless I will still continue to support Ernie Ball strings they are the best. I thank God to still be able to play!

  • I am Ginger. If I won this fantastic prize, I would use the strings to create a magnificent metallic wig to wear on stage to disguise my hideous hair colour and gain the confidence to become the guitar rock god I am so destined to be (and use the polish to aid my onstage knee slides) ……..rather than being the receiver of hurled abuse and rotten veg due to my cranium defect!


  • i would love to win this prize, not for me but for my dad. he currently lives in saudi (with work) and is away from his family and 2 young grandchildren for more than half the year so with a prize like this, everytime he played his guitar he could think of his family at home and know how much we love and care. x

  • I would love to win this prize for my boyfriend as he’s wearing his guitar strings out trying to learn how to play ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica as it’s my favourite song & makes me go all goose pimply just like he does

  • I’m just going to play the honesty card and hope you feel guilty. Just lost my job and being 43 years old with 4 kids, 2 wives and a collection of pets to support, it pretty much looks as though my life will be over…….unless I can win this prize to enable me to hide away in my “room” and never need to come back out for a string change or a cloth!!

  • it would be brilliant to win to give to my hubby, Im out of work and it would be a lovely birthday present for him, as he really loves his guitar

  • I would like to win the comp because i have always used ernie ball slinky strings

  • i would love to win this fab prize for my boyfriend, he is just about to finish his grade 8 and is hoping to start teaching guitar too, starting with my daughter. he is a lovely guy and desearves a treat xx

  • I would love to win this fab prize for my Husband to Thank him for staying by my side no matter how bad things got with my health he was always there not only supporting me but taking care of our disabled child and looking after our two foster children while still doin his full time job, he really is a saint, never complained once (well lets face it he didnt have time lol)

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