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Guitar Jar Competition – August 2010

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Guitar Jar Competition – August 2010

Win two tickets to gain free entry to the Bristol Guitar Show in Bristol, September 19th 2010. You will also win 12 packs of Ernie Ball electric guitar  strings, an Ernie Ball guitar strap and 50 free Guitar Jar plectrums!

Guitar Jar Competition - Bristol Guitar Show tickets, Strings, Strap & Plectrums!The prize includes:

  • Two tickets for free entry to the Bristol Guitar Show, UK, Sunday 19th September 2010 (Ashton Gate Stadium) – The Bristol guitar show features leading exhibitors from the guitar industry as well as some fantastic live performances.
  • 12 packs of Ernie Ball Super Slinky electric guitar strings (9-42)
  • Ernie Ball guitar strap
  • 50 medium weight Guitar Jar plectrums (courtesy of BestBadges.co.uk)

How can I win this competition?

Simply enter your comment at the bottom of the page telling us why you would love to win this fantastic prize. Please feel free to be adventurous, humorous & imaginative with your comments (but keep it clean please).

The closing date for the competition is August 31st 2010 where all the comments will be judged by friends of Guitar Jar and the winner will be notified by email.

Please note: your email address will be kept private and all comments will be moderated prior to being made visible as we want to keep the comments clean and appropriate for the site.

Good luck and spread the word!

This competition has now closed – thanks to everyone who entered. The winner will be notified via email shortly.

The winning entry was by “Dawn W” – view the winning entry!

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  • I play in a band. I need strings.

  • I think I should win because i am just on the cusp of a major scientific break through (i cant tell you what it is for legal reasons). the only thing i have left to do is to collect data on many different guitars and guitar products and i will have it. this break through will rock the world there for i should win, for the greater good. think about it you know it makes sense!!!

  • hey!

    I would love to win this competition as am totally in love with playing guitars and just guitars them selves! My choice of music is very varied because of guitar , starting from miley cyrus to Metallica!! This competition would be AMAZING to win for me !!

    Thanks for reading!! 😀

  • I think i should win cos wonder i’m gonna rule the world and if I win i’ll remember you guys.

  • I save up my birthday money each year to buy a new guitar. So far, I have 3 guitars and a mandolin. I’ve saved enough this time round for a decent guitar – but haven’t found “that” guitar… yet. The guitar show gives me a perfect opportunity. Oh, and the strings? Well, Dad says anything that will help me to make half a decent sound…!

  • I am making a charity album this month and would like to gift each artist (7 different ones) with strings and plectrums to thank them for taking part (they are doing it for free!). It would really bless them.

  • I play the drums in a little power trio at university…wait, now don’t be judging me for being a drummer. I also have an unhealthy obsession with guitars, and music in general. The point is, the guitarist in said band (myspace.com/jackhatchband) is not really into guitars and gear and that. I mean, he plays really well and is a huge music fan, but he doesn’t stay up late watching effects pedal reviews and Phil X on youtube, like I do. I would love to take him to this wonderful guitar show to put some fire in his belly, so that together we can track down ‘the tone’ that all players are after for their bands. Plus the ernie ball stuff would really be oh so very handy. Essay completed.

  • my son has self taught himself the guitar and from his bedroom we can hear him playing a vast range of different types of guitar music,often we walk past and regonise a surprising tune hes listening to which also takes us back to our youth ,would be a great experience for us both to win the prize

  • I am entering for my brother in law as this would be the ideal gift for him, he has four guitars and is a budding Eric Claption in the making.

    My talents however, extends to three buttons on guitar hero!!!

  • I would love to win the tickets for the sheer thrill of being around awesome guitars and seeing what’s new thats available to the public purse.


  • My OH has 12 guitars – imagine how many strings and plectrums he needs! He would love tix to the Guitar Show.

  • i would like my father in law to go to this as he deserves a break from caring after his elderly mother on a full time basis. He loves playing the guitar and i think he would be really into this. He also used to be in a band in his early days and has a few guitars of his own, which may need new strings too!!!

  • I wanna try out all those lovely new guitars

  • I’ve lived a rock n roll lifestyle – my days are numbered.
    I’ve got SO LITTLE time left to acquire all the guitars and gadgets I NEED!!:-)

  • I would love to win this so i can go to the event, i have recently started learning the guitar and would take this opportunity to broaden my horizons. Im getting excited just thinking of going!!!!

  • I’d like tickets because I’m sure the Guitar Show will be fingerpicking good.

  • I can’t wait to catch up on all the latest guitars and gear. If I had all those strings I could give them away to my guitar students to show them how great Ernie Ball stuff is!

  • went to nec and excel last year. brilliant!! so glad that bristol guitar show will be going ahead and would to be first to go. Also Ernie Ball strings are the best strings. What a prize !!

  • I am just soooooo tired of all the sex and drugs, think its high time for a bit of rock n roll and this sounds just the ticket (pardon the pun).

    Actually i am a totally boring secondary school science teacher and a trip to the guitar show could get me some real street cred, yeah i’m gonna be down with the kids alright, just as long as i can get my picture taken alongside all the latest guitar models.

    Looking forwards to seeing some British hand built acoustics, im in the market for buying one and the show is an ideal chance to do some comparisons.

  • I would love to win these for my nephew , he is the worlds greatest Guitar Rock God he will be be selling out his stadium tour next year. Well ok he is only 14 , maybe not quite yet, but do you really want to take the chance of depriving him tickets. Think of the kudos you would get for helping launch his global career lol.

  • There are so many reasons to list…. maybe even too many to write down without formidable typing skills that I have not aquired, due to spending too much time thinking about how many reasons there actually are for me to win this competition…..

  • I am a new “oldie” Guitarist, and have fallen in love with them. Bristol offers an ideal chance to go out and see whats new, and if I have got so many spare sets of strings and picks, my good lady must realise that I need some more guitars to use them up…so please, choose me, and I will be forever endebted to you! How can she refuse?

  • I need to restring my harp and 12 packs of Slinky’s would give me just enough! Oh and the tickets would help to appease my guitarist husband who has to put up with me playing harp at all hours of the day and night! 🙂

  • Because, in the topsy-turvy world of heavy rock, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful…

    Just sayin’ like.

  • The reasons I should win this prize are numerous and various – some of the main ones are listed below for your delectation and delight:

    1. I’m female – the very fact that I can change guitar strings at all means I should get them for free.

    2. Plectrums are my washing machine’s favourite food. I have fed it 95% of my collection, I have 1 plectrum left which I need for band practice and if I don’t give it more soon it has threatened to go on strike. Meaning my laundry will not be up to date and my wife of the year award will be revoked.

    3. It’s my birthday a couple of days before the guitar show, I usually buy my own gift – this way I can give myself Guitar Show tickets.

    4. One of my guitars doesn’t have a strap. It feels left out and the other guitars make fun of it.

    5. I already know the way to Bristol.

  • I’d like to win because it would be nice to take my nephew to see something good at Ashton gate for once…

  • I should win as I have plucked up the comment to string this comment together

  • I think I should win as my daughter eats all my plectrums my son destroyed my guitar (and cost me many pennies to replace) and the tickets would give me a damn good excuse for a mini break from my little monsters. At least I know to lock them up now…… (my guitar and plecs that is not my 1 and 3 year olds)

  • My guitar is gently weeping, because my whisky jar is empty of coins to replace my broken strings. My guitar needs a whole lotta love to make up for the bad way I’ve treated it lately and to regain it’s teen spirit. So Help! I really need some guitar strings, Help! not just any guitar strings, and if you’re gonna give it away, give it away now, then let it be me.

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