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Win a Timber Tones Plectrum Retail Pack worth over £50

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Win a Timber Tones Plectrum Retail Pack worth over £50

Guitar Jar is pleased offer guitarists another fantastic prize. Get your hands on a Timber Tones Retail Pack, with 18 varieties of wooden plectrums that offer you a range of subtle Guitar Tone differences, worth over £50!

Timber Tones Retail PackThis is a brilliant prize, and one I wish I could enter!

The Timber Tones retail pack features 18 plectrums, from a wide range of exotic woods that will provide guitarists to opportunities to experiment with guitar tone. Each individual Timber Tones pick retails at £2.99, so you can win over £50 worth of Timber Tones products.

Guitar Jar recently reviewed the plectrums available from Timber Tones and it was surprising how they really do make a difference in producing warm, organic tones.

How can I win this prize?

To win this prize, simply…

Tell us what your favourite effects pedal is and why

Enter by adding your comment at the bottom of this page.

Don’t forget you can join our Facebook page to keep updated with future competitions on Guitar Jar.

Please feel free to be adventurous, humorous & imaginative with your comments (but keep it clean please!).

This is a global competition and the closing date for the competition is March 13th 2011 where all the comments will be judged by friends of Guitar Jar and the winning entry will be notified by email.

Please note: your email address will be kept private and all comments will be moderated prior to being made visible as we want to keep the comments clean and appropriate for the site.

This competition has now closed – thanks to everyone who entered. The winner will be notified via email.

The winning entry was by “Jamie” – view the winning entry!

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  • “Oh, pick me!” was my first thought for how to comment, but that just came across as cheesy, corny, and annoying. I certainly don’t want to be annoying! I DO want these picks, if at all possible! I’m always looking for ways to find my “tone” and anything free makes that quest easier. Thanks for the blog and the reviews. Hope you “pick” me…

    • Please read the competition entry requirements… you have to tell us what your favourite effects pedal is and why… (funnier the better!), cheers, Sam

    • How embarrassing! And the first comment in the competition too. So, let me see if I can better meet the competition requirements:

      My favorite pedal is determined by the truly fickle and wandering mind of a wanna be. It changes constantly. Almost tone deaf ears rule my world. Pathetic chops ring out when I play. Every attempted song is left incomplete and unfinished. Sometimes I spend more time reading blogs than playing the guitar.

      So, right now the greatest and most powerful source of tone and all things beautiful in my wanna be guitar world is not my fingers, not my guitar, not my amp, nor my cables.

      (drum roll please)

      It is my Morley AB/Y selector footswitch.

      “Why?” you ask. Because it allows me to switch between things. It does exactly what I want it to do. It doesn’t matter how well or how poorly I play. It sounds like it is supposed to sound. Right now I have the A channel plugged into the fender-style preamp input and the B channel plugged into the marshall-style preamp input. I can choose between fender, marshall, or combine the two preamps on my Frenzel Champ Super Sportster. And even with my wanna be status I can hear the difference!

    • I use my OCD and at times my blues driver my carbon copy delay and my tc tuner

  • My favourite effects pedal has to be the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff.

    Rude name!

    Rude sound!

  • My fav effects pedal is Elctro- Harmonix Freeze

    it creates greats harmonies and layers especially if you’re playing on your own- it makes it feel like you’ve got an extra band mate or someone to play with 🙂

  • Has to be the Boss Ns-2 Noise suppressor.
    Greatest thign for running live shows,
    I’ve never had a squeel or any hum it

  • I’m loving my Hardwire DL-8 Delay Looper pedal. So many great delays give the audience multiple times to hear my playing stuff-ups!

  • I prefer my phaser pedal. I wrote my own rock opera about being in space, just by using that one pedal!

  • My current favorite among effects pedals is the Wampler Pinnacle. It’s essentially early-EVH in a box. Effortless brown sound to be had – I certainly wish I’d had it back in the Eighties.

  • lol im not a big pedal user. but if i had to pick one pedal that i couldnt live without it would be the electro harmonix linear power booster. i play jazz and my archtop has hard to reach knobs so when im switching from rhythm to lead when i improvise its always right there and ready to go. simple and reliable.

  • My favourite effect is a delay.
    My favourite effect is a delay.
    My favourite effect is a delay.
    My favourite effect is a delay.

    • first funny thing that came in my mind about the most important effect of my rig 🙂

      anyway, thanks for the worldwide contest!

  • Right now my favorite effects pedal is a Boss ME-50, but someday when everyone wants to know what my gear is I’ll have a Memory-Man sized box with an input jack, output jack, and “Magic Box” printed on the front (nothing else except for maybe an unwired knob that controls “vortex suction”). It won’t do anything but mess with people’s minds. “Oh wow, what brand is his “magic box”?”

    Thanks for the contest.

  • digitech RP 55

    theres so many different settings and sounds also it makes a nice clean setting for you to play with and also automatic drum beat is nice and the built in tuner

  • Electro-Harmonix has by far the best pedals on the market today. My favorite has to be the the Memory Man with Hazamai. That is by far the most versatile and thorough piece of gear I have ever used. Almost anything I want to do to my sound can be done with this pedal.

  • TC Electronics Nova System
    It’s a multi-effects unit that acts like individual stomp boxes. Has digital pots that enables you to save patches, high quality electronic components that produces pristine clean effects. This is not a modeled sound effects unit. It also has true overdrive. I chose it after much research

  • The one pedal I can’t get enough of is the Morley Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah.

    It’ll get you squealing, warbling, cooing, whinnying, weeping, sweeping, balls-poppingly funky sounds that reach into the furthest depths of Steve Vai’s genius and place some of his legendary tone right at your fingertips.

    Plus, I’ve jammed to my buddies playing Nazi Zombies on COD with this pedal, and nothing beats killing the undead to a funky, funky riff.

  • My favorite is an old Echoplex I was given. First time I showed up with this huge box at practice, opened it and started sliding the head around on the tape trying to find the speed I wanted, my bandmates absolutely had no idea in the world what it even was. I still have it.

  • I love my Boss Metal Zone. I like to turn the gain all the way up on that and just pick a power chord. And…Done!
    I AM the Master of Puppets! I just melted the faces of my whole audience…made up almost entirely of puppets…and some stuffed animals…a mannequin I found in the trash (no arms)…and an inflatable lady I acquire through questionable means…
    Don’t you judge me…

  • Favorite pedal is my Musikding TS808 Tubescreamer – awesome tone and response of the original pedal but for a fraction of the price. Drives the front of the amp beautifully and has a super warm tone! 🙂

  • My favorite pedal is my ridiculously freakishly awesome Ibanez WH10 wah pedal

  • Hi ! I was very excited when I saw that giveaway .
    Im really a pick-freak ! And my favourite effect ?
    I tell you the story : when I was a child,
    I love to scream somethin’ like : “waaa waa wahu
    wahu waaawaa” I think you can guess what is my favourite
    effect 😀 Yes , thats cry baby !!! I was so shocked
    when as a teenager , I first time hear it 😀

  • My favorite pedal is a DOD Classic tube distortion. Offers a rich tube type sound through solid state amps.

  • My Favorite effects pedal is the Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazari. This is a really useful pedal lisa of different uses. Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Ring Mod sounds all in one pedal and its a looper.

  • My fav is quite common, but still awesome – it’s VOX Satchurator dist. I just love the HUGE differences in tone it can provide at just few degrees knob turns. Also, yes, “more” button gives MORE drive. Amp tubes get blazing hot in seconds.

  • My favorite is the Cry Baby Wah! Best I’ve played on…

  • My fav pedal is the EH Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai. So many different bizarre or not so bizarre sounds to be had. .taerg skrow gnittes esrever ehT

  • My favorite effects pedal are ZOOM 505 multi-fx pedal.
    Why? Because it is small, easy to carry, has a wonderful tone, and for the price, you can’t beat it! Since it’s a vintage product, I don’t even know if it is still manufactured, but whatever, that pedal is really cool.

  • My favorite pedal is the Cry Baby hands down.

  • Favorite Effects pedal would have to be my POD xt Live… never played without it since I got it. Its the best, I even accidentally deleted all the effects off it once and remembered that all of them are saved automatically every time you plug it into a computer.

  • I like my Danelectro Cool Cat* Metal II. If you get it set up right you can sound like George Lynch! And I like that!

  • My favoorite pedal, is….drum roll please….Deep Trip’s HellBender!!!…”now a rim shot”. It’s not just another pretty Fuzz ‘face’,well, maybe it is kinda sorta.

    It’s a high gain pedal emulating the 70’s Coloursond Tonebender mk2.
    Fuzz knob adds saturation and gain to the signal
    Mood knob works to tweak the germanium transistors
    mode toggle intruduces high impedance pre-fuzz circuit
    voice toggles between treble boost, classic fuzz, and extra bass

    The graphics are a stylized flamin’ ‘HELLBENDER’ on orange.
    Truly a great sound and pretty, yes I said pretty, pedal.

  • i love the line 6 POD HD500 multi effects processor

    theres so many different amazing sound u can get out of it!!! and a lot of different picks wuld help that even more!! 😀

  • Has to be the crybaby wah pedals. Not only can 1 pedal transform your sound into so many unique sounds, when els can you stomp on a crybaby?

  • My favorite pedal is the Degitech RP200, I love it because although the effects are not that great, it has a large variety and i can expand my music.

  • Many will disagree but I love my Behringer V-AMP 3 multi effects unit!!! Can get loads of great sounds out of that thing.

  • It’s got to be the MXR MicroAmp, because the TC Electronics Polytune doesn’t count an an effect. The MicroAmp is always on, it cleans up my signal nicely for the pedals following in the signal chain. It gives a little boost. And if I want to overdrive the amp, I can get some real gain out of it.

  • My favorite pedal is my Radial Tonebone Trimode.

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